Ashland Public Schools (APS) recognizes that students with life-threatening allergies (LTA) require reasonable accommodations necessary to ensure access to available education and education-related benefits. It is the policy of APS that the management of LTA be accomplished in compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines established by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in a document entitled, "Managing Life-Threatening Food Allergies in Schools" and other reliable resources relating to all LTA.

APS cannot guarantee to provide an allergen-free environment for all students with LTA. The goal is to minimize the risk to students with LTA. The guidelines established include building-based plans, training programs for personnel, implementation of Individual Care Plans (ICP), medical forms, and additional accommodations as necessary.

Specific building-based guidelines will be established to ensure that the health needs of all students will be met in the least restrictive environment. In order to assist students with developing the skills necessary to participate in all educational programs, building-based teams will communicate with parents and students to allow the student to gradually assume more responsibility for maintaining their safety as they advance from elementary to secondary school.

The success of the district in meeting the needs of students with life-threatening allergies requires the diligence and cooperation of all parties, including students and parents. The specific guidelines and procedures accompanying this policy are intended to provide a framework for that cooperation, which is then individualized to the needs of each student. They are suggested to ensure the best outcomes for students.