Students lacking proper documentation of required immunizations shall be excluded until proof of such immunization is provided (102 CMR 7.07 and 105 CMR 220.00). If a child cannot be immunized due to medical reasons (requires physician documentation yearly) or if a parent refuses to have a child immunized because of religious beliefs (requires a parent- signed letter yearly), the non-immunized student will be excluded from school during outbreaks of diseases for which the student is not immunized (MGL c. 111, § 3, 6, 7, 109, 110, 112 and 105 CMR 300.00).

•  Lead Screening documentation is required of all students prior to entering Pre-K and/or kindergarten (105 CMR 460).
•  Physicals Examination documentation is required from students entering grades K, 4, 7 and 9, and yearly for all student athletes.

An immunization clinic is available for students at the Dr. James L. Garvey Parent Information Center (PIC). All state-required immunizations are provided by an RN at no cost. Please refer to the WPS website for hours of operation or call the Parent Information Center at 508-799-3194.