In view of the fact that a school bus is an extension of the classroom, the Worcester Public Schools shall require each student to conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct and Safety and Behavior Rules for Pupils Riding School Buses as stated in the student handbook.  School bus drivers have the authority and the responsibility to maintain good order while operating the bus. Additionally, bus drivers are instructed to inform the building principal about any student misconduct that creates an annoyance or distraction while driving.  The building principal will inform the parents/guardians of the misconduct and request their cooperation in monitoring the child´s behavior.  Any student who becomes a disciplinary problem on the school bus may have riding privileges suspended on a temporary or permanent basis.  In such cases, the parents/guardians of the child involved become responsible for seeing that the child gets to and from school safely. Worcester Public Schools´ school buses may be equipped with cameras to create a video and audio record of each trip.  This video and/or audio may be used to assist the school principal in determining what discipline, if any, is appropriate in cases of reported violations of safe riding practices.  It may also be used as a tool to teach and reinforce safe riding practices for all students. As always, safety is of primary importance.  At the bus stops and on the school bus, students are expected to be well behaved and cooperative at all times.

The following safety and behavior rules for pupils riding school buses are published as a guideline for students entitled to transportation by the Worcester Public Schools.  A breach of these rules may result in loss of busing privileges.

1.  Only pupils and school personnel assigned to the bus shall be allowed to ride in a school bus unless permission is granted by the Director of Transportation.

2.  Students should be at the pick-up point at the time designated and prepared to get on the bus with the least possible delay in order to keep the bus on schedule.

3.  While at a bus pick-up point, students must:

•  Conduct themselves in an orderly manner

•  Stay out of the street

•  Respect nearby private property rights

•  Remain at least ten (10) feet from the bus when it stops to pick up, and move toward the bus only when the door opens

4.  Students should ride only the bus to which they are regularly assigned.

5.  Students should take seats promptly after boarding the bus and remain in their seats while the bus is in motion.

6.  Students shall not open or close windows or emergency doors except when asked to do so by the driver or the bus monitor. Students must keep arms and heads inside the bus.

7.  While a passenger on a bus, a student must not:

•  Smoke

•  Throw any objects on the bus or out the windows

•  Disturb the driver or other students

•  Litter

•  Make loud or unnecessary noises

•  Eat food or drink

•  Transport items which may endanger the health or safety of any other passengers

•  Damage or deface any part of the bus

8.  Students must remain quiet when approaching a railroad crossing.

9.  Students who exit from the bus should pass ten (10) feet in front of the bus and look in both directions before crossing.

10.  In the event of a road emergency, students are to remain on the bus unless requested to leave by the driver of the bus.

11.  After exiting the bus, students should enter the school directly for safety purposes.

12.  A student who has been issued an identification card by school authorities should carry such card with him/her at all times and show it when requested.

13.  Bus drivers/monitors must report violations of the above rules and regulations to the school official on Bus Conduct Forms.  Riding the bus is a privilege that can be denied temporarily or permanently when the student's behavior.