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The Town of Randolph has established the "Town of Randolph, Affirmative Action Guidelines". Specifically, this document states that " [t]he appointing authority shall issue a firm statement of personal commitment to affirmative action and to the provisions of equal employment to all employees and applicants in all phases of employment. "

In compliance with these Guidelines, the Randolph School Committee outlines its aggressive action plan concerning compliance with Chapter 622 of the Acts of 1971, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Title IX Regulations as promulgated by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare regarding the recruitment and employment of minority candidates in all positions.

Affirmative action requires the (employer) to do more than ensure employment neutrality with regard to race, color, religion, sex, national original (ancestry, age, physical disability, criminal record or mental disorder). As the phrase implies, affirmative action requires the employer to make additional efforts to recruit, employ and promote qualified members of groups formerly excluded, even if that exclusion cannot be traced to particular discriminatory actions on the part of the employer. The premise of the affirmative action concepts is that unless positive action is undertaken to overcome discrimination, a benign neutrality in employment practices will tend to perpetuate the status quo ante indefinitely. l

I.  Affirmative Action Hiring Procedures

Educational Staff

1.  Advertising

The posting of all positions within the school system and all advertisements for the hiring of personnel must include the following information:

a.  Type of position;

b.  Requirements;

c.  Response instructions;

d.  Include the Randolph Public Schools1 non-discrimination statement.

2.  Job Descriptions

All job descriptions should clearly state performance objectives and the statement "An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer."

3.  Recruiting

Job postings must be sent to all of the people or institutions listed on the Recruiting List which will be updated annually by the Affirmative Action Officer.

4.  Interviews

All qualified minority candidates must be interviewed.

5.  Hiring

a.  When recommending candidates for new positions, the departmental administrator and/or Principal shall recommend one or more candidates to the Superintendent using the Administrator's Recommendation Form for New Positions. A copy of this form shall also be sent to the Affirmative Action Officer. If, after screening candidates, no minority candidates are listed as finalists, the following questions shall be addressed by the Superintendent with the hiring administrator.

(1)  Were any qualified minority candidates overlooked in preparing the list to be interviewed?

(2)  If the department has no minority candidates, is it possible to reopen the recruitment process?

(3)  If there were insufficient or no minority candidates, what is the department's best estimate of the reason?

b.  If the Superintendent finds that proper procedures were not followed, the appropriate administrators will be required to reopen the process.

c.  When the Superintendent is satisfied that all proper procedures have been followed, he/she will hire a person for the vacant position. In cases where it is the responsibility of the School Committee to make such an appointment, the Superintendent shall make a recommendation to the School Committee for personnel action.

6.  Dissemination

Copies of this document are to be sent to all administrators, union presidents, and will be posted in every building on all bulletin boards. The document is to be explained to all administrators annually by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

II.  Support of Minority Staff

Assistance will be afforded to new minority employees with their transition into the Randolph Public School system. This may include, but not be limited to, a defined time period to allow for such adjustment. Appropriate resources will be utilized in this effort.

III.  Monitoring of the Plan

A.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for the overall supervision of the Affirmative Action Plan.

B.  The Superintendent shall appoint an Affirmative Action Officer, who shall serve in this position and will be directly responsible for assisting all personnel in the implementation of this plan.

C.  The Affirmative Action Officer shall monitor this plan.

D.  The Affirmative Action Officer will submit an annual report in September of each year which will include a progress report with recommendations and goals for the next year. The report will be submitted to the Superintendent for distribution to the School Committee.

E.  The Superintendent will submit an annual report with recommendations in the fall of each year.

IV.  Grievance Procedure

The grievance procedure in matters related to this Affirmative Action Plan is as follows:

All students or employee grievances applicable to these policies will be submitted in writing to the Affirmative Action Officer as soon as is possible with any helpful supportive data. The Affirmative Action Officer will conduct an investigation of the matter and answer all inquiries in writing, describing recommendations for correcting any inequities.

If unresolved or not satisfactorily resolved, the grievant may petition to the Superintendent, in writing, who will also conduct an investigation and attempt to resolve any inequities. The Superintendent will answer the petitioner in writing.

A separate file will be kept on all actions taken under the grievance procedure.

The School Committee will serve as a final local appeals board for any matters which the central office administrators are unable to resolve. Access to the School Committee is by written notification to the chairman of the School Committee describing the problem and requesting an opportunity to review the matter with the School Committee.

Adopted June 25, 1987

Amended April 25, 1996